Boy Scout Brouhaha

BS logoI had my old pal Skids Grofsky over for coffee today. I hadn’t seen him in quite a while, and I thought time and a recent vacation in the Bahamas might have helped him relax a little bit. I was wrong.

“Did you hear?” Skids asked smugly after only two sips of coffee. I was almost afraid to ask for clarification.

“Hear what?”

“It sounds like the Boy Scouts are finally going to reform their homophobic policies.”

I grimaced. I’ve learned that with Skids I have to control my irritation. Otherwise, we get into huge arguments. I decided to hedge my bets and left Skids at the table for a minute to collect some printouts from my study. I had no intention of getting caught off guard.

I came back to the table, set a sheaf of paper down casually and resumed the conversation with Skids.

“Yes, I did hear about the Boy Scouts. Apparently, they’re going to start hiring gays as troop leaders and such. You must be delighted.”

“It’s something that should have happened a long time ago.”

“It sounds like you believe the Boy Scouts have some obligation to hire gays.”

“It’s wrong to turn people away because of their sexual orientation.”

“So you say. Look, I understand gays wanting to be involved in scouting and mentoring kids. But why are they trying to alter a 100-year-old tradition to do it? Why don’t they just start their own scouting organization?”

“You mean start from scratch? That would involve a lot of expense and trouble.”

“Yeah, like all the millions of dollars and countless man hours the Boy Scouts themselves invested, which entitles them to run their own organization the way they want to. Anyway, gays wouldn’t have to go to as much trouble as you think. They could call themselves the “Gay Scouts.” That’s close enough to “Boy Scouts” that they could use a lot of the same banner designs and paraphernalia.”

“Very funny. You know, there are plenty of competent gay men who have wanted to work for the organization over the years but couldn’t. They respected many of the Scouts’ values and wanted to be a part of their activities. Why should they be rejected just because they’re gay?”

topic-gay-rightsgettyimages-613467136“Why should gays feel entitled to pressure the Boy Scouts to do their bidding? Seriously, that’s like people driving by a housing development and saying, ‘Boy, that sure is a beautiful neighborhood. It’s wrong for them to refuse to sell houses to us. Let’s put so much social and cultural pressure on them that they’ll be shamed into selling.”

“That’s nonsense. What the Boy Scouts have been doing for 100 years is discrimination.”

“It’s a private organization. Why should a bunch of bleeding hearts get to tell them who they ought to hire? Let’s say you don’t invite me into your house because you’re afraid I might damage some of that liberal crap you call art. I may have no such intention, but would it be okay for me to go around whining to your neighbors so they’d put pressure on you to let me in your house? And even if I did, wouldn’t you be well within your rights to tell us all to mind our own business?”

“My house is one thing; a huge national organization is another thing.”

“Where did you go to school? The Karl Marx academy?”

“Make all the jokes you want. But the New Jersey Supreme Court held that the Boy Scouts unlawfully discriminated against homosexuals.”

Supreme Court“Yes, they did. And their ruling was reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which held that the Boy Scouts had a Constitutional right to exclude homosexuals from membership. Didn’t you get the memo?”

“The Supreme Court isn’t always right.”

“Really? You think you know more about the Constitution and case law than people who have studied law their entire lives?”

“No. But you’re assuming that their decision was motivated strictly by Constitutional principles.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that point. Let’s put the ruling aside for a minute. Do you see what’s happening here? These people are all up in arms because an organization that mentors boys won’t hire homosexual men for leadership positions. I have to say, I don’t follow the reasoning. When’s the last time you heard someone complain because the Girl Scouts don’t hire men to lead troops of girls? They don’t place men in those positions because eventually, some of them will succumb to sexual temptation. How is it reasonable to insist that gay men be put in the same kind of situation? And I hate to tell you, but there’s evidence that more danger of abuse exists with gay men than with heterosexual men.”

“What?!” Skids screeched.

regentuniversity_2“You asked for it,” I said, thumbing through the packets in front of me. “The Regent University Law Review published a 2002 study which found that child molestation and pedophilia occur much more frequently among homosexuals than heterosexuals. The same publication printed a thesis by Dr. Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education. Her thesis cites psychologist Eugene Abel, whose research found that non-incarcerated child molesters admitted from 23 to 281 acts per offender whose targets were males.”

“I don’t believe that. Anyway, that’s just one study. I know for a fact that there are a lot more cases of abuse by heterosexuals than by homosexuals.”

“In terms of absolute numbers, yes. But according to the Williams Institute, homosexuals constitute only 4 percent of the population. Even pro-gay groups acknowledge that the vast majority of the population is heterosexual. So simply counting the offenses doesn’t get us anywhere. In terms of numbers of children abused per capita by the two groups, homosexuals abuse with much greater frequency.”

“If that were true, it would be all over the news.”

nY times“No, probably not, since homosexuals are over-represented in the media.” I shuffled through the packets again. “This is from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, which claimed that although homosexuals are less than 2 percent of the population (their numbers), three-fourths of the people who decide the content for the front page of the New York Times are homosexual. This is a pro-gay group reporting this. The media doesn’t like to disseminate material that is unflattering to homosexuals. When the Catholic Church abuse scandal arose, how many times did you hear the crimes described as ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’? Hardly ever. But the worst incidents were male on male. Even the Vatican is concerned about an upsurge of homosexuals in seminaries all over the world.”

“That’s all circumstantial. It doesn’t prove a link between homosexuality and child abuse.”

FRC Logo“Do you want me to keep going? The Family Research Council published a report to the contrary. Among their findings: ‘Up to one-third of all sex crimes against children are committed against boys.’ At the same time, ‘Almost all sex crimes against children are committed by men.’ That means roughly a third of child sex crimes are homosexual in nature. But most sources say that homosexuals constitute 5 percent or less of the population at large, so you do the math.”

Skids was sneering. “So? This is the Family Research Council talking. Aren’t they a Christian organization? I would expect them to muster up ammunition to oppose gay rights.” 

“Before you dismiss them too quickly, you should know that they base their conclusions on findings of secular studies by the Journal of Sex Research and the Journal of Child Psychiatry, among others. Furthermore, we’re not even getting the full picture. According to the Department of Justice, ‘Adolescent boy victims are highly likely to deny certain types of sexual activity. . . They are embarrassed and ashamed of their behavior and rightfully believe that society will not understand their victimization. . . No matter what the investigator does, most adolescent boys will deny they were victims.’ It’s likely there is much more abuse by homosexual men than we are aware of.”

“I’ve always thought that the legal industry was more zealous about prosecuting homosexual offenders. You still haven’t really shown a link between homosexuality and child abuse.”

“The Regent University study found that mainstream homosexual culture ‘commonly promotes sex with children.’ That’s a direct quote. A few years ago, The Journal of Homosexuality published a double issue entitled, ‘Male Intergenerational Intimacy’ containing articles that portrayed sex between men and minor boys as ‘loving relationships.’ One article said parents should look upon the pedophile who loves their son ‘not as a rival or competitor, not as a theft of their property, but as a partner in the boy’s upbringing, someone to be welcomed into their home.'”

“So? There are some sick people out there. You expect me to believe this is a common viewpoint among homosexuals?”

51fQecqG-gL._SL500_AA300_“I’m not finished. In one of its 1995 issues, the homosexual magazine Guide wrote, ‘We can be proud that the gay movement has been home to the few voices who have had the courage to say out loud that children are naturally sexual…’ Larry Kramer, who founded the activist group ACT-UP, wrote a book called Reports From the Holocaust: The Making of an AIDS Activist. Here is a quote from it: ‘In those instances where children do have sex with their homosexual elders…very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it.'”

“It’s the 21st century. Any whacko with a word processor can get printed these days.”

“It’s not just a few whackos. Preoccupation with youth is a pervasive characteristic of male homosexual culture. Life, Family and Cultural News reports that ‘gay activist organizations are encouraging homosexual teachers to share their sexuality with their students. Many parents have become concerned that children may be molested, encouraged to become sexually active, or even “recruited” into adopting a homosexual identity and lifestyle.’ According to a 1988 study, ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior,’ 86 percent of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.”

“This is inflammatory garbage. You probably combed the internet for a month looking for the most shocking stuff you could find.”

“This is the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Reisman examined several issues of The Advocate, an influential homosexual newspaper. She found ads in the publication for a ‘Penetrable Boy Doll…available in three provocative positions.’ Reisman also found that the number of erotic boy images in each issue of The Advocate averaged 14.”

I looked up from my packets to find that Skids had left. Some people just shouldn’t pick a fight…

About Douglas Abbott

I am a freelance writer by trade, philosopher and comedian by accident of birth. I am an assiduous observer of humanity and endlessly fascinated with people, the common elements that make us human, what motivates people and the fingerprint of God in all of us. I enjoy exploring the universe in my search for meaning, beauty and friendship. My writing is an extension of all these things and something I did for fun long before I ever got paid. My hope is that the reader will find in this portfolio a pleasing and inspiring literary hodgepodge. Good reading!
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4 Responses to Boy Scout Brouhaha

  1. fcb3 says:

    Well Doug, you certainly have your facts in order. My first blush when I began the post was, “just because a man is homosexual doesn’t make him a pedophile,”; but according to the reports it is a far bigger problem among gay men than I thought. In light of those facts it seems like a poor choice to let gay men be involved as leaders. I suspect at some point they will not allow one leader per group, but like so many ministries and such they require two leaders for accountability. Seems like a realistic solution but I don’t doubt that like many institutions, there is a shortage of volunteers. Tough issue and I have no doubt it will cost them a measure of contributions if they allow gay men to lead.

  2. Douglas Abbott says:

    Yes, this thing is going to cause a lot of rearrangement, I’m sure. I can’t figure out why the Boy Scouts are doing this. They had the backing of the Supreme Court on their initial stance, which was sound. It would seem they ought to be going in the other direction, given the recent emergence of reports that abuse was already occurring. Who knows? I hesitated to post this, given how inflammatory I knew it would be. But there seems to be so much cultural speech that serves the gay agenda without due consideration of the outcome. I felt I had to speak up about this.

  3. Mom says:

    I suspect the Boy Scouts caved because of public pressure as much as anything. In case you haven’t noticed, the larger issue of gay rights gains more and more support each time polls are taken. I believe the last poll result I saw showed close to 50% (if not over) now supporting gay rights including gay marriage. In that light, it becomes more and more difficult to support “the other side.” So, a big bravo to you, Doug!

  4. Douglas Abbott says:

    Thanks, Mom. That public pressure you’re talking about is real; it was hard to post this. Easy to write, hard to actually put it out there. I felt as though some people would consider this article bigoted even though I have the absolute conviction that my position is justified and have the facts on my side. There is precious little reason being used on the other side of this debate, I’m afraid.

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